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Everything you need to know about solar gel batteries


Solar colloidal cells are used in solar photovoltaic power generation. At present, the solar cells widely used in China are mainly: solar lead-acid maintenance-free batteries and solar colloidal batteries.

At present, the solar cells widely used in China are mainly: lead-acid maintenance-free batteries and colloidal batteries. These two types of batteries are conducive to reliable solar power generation because of their inherent characteristics and light environmental pollution. Systems, especially unattended workstations. This is an outstanding improvement over older solar colloidal cells.

What is a solar colloidal battery?

The main components of colloidal electrolyte are functional compounds with particle size close to nanometer, which have good rheology and are easy to realize in the preparation and filing of lead-acid batteries. After the liquid electrolyte enters the battery or is charged for a few hours, it gradually turns into a gel. A variety of colloids are added to the colloid to help prevent the gelation of the battery before charging, help prevent the sulfation of the plate after the battery is charged, reduce the corrosion of the grid, and improve the reaction utilization of the active substance of the battery.

The excellent characteristics of solar colloidal battery

1, can significantly extend the battery life. According to the relevant literature, the battery life can be extended by 2-3 times.

2, the self-discharge performance of the colloidal lead-acid battery has been significantly improved, and the storage time of the battery can be extended by more than 2 times.

3, colloidal lead-acid batteries in the case of serious power shortage, the vulcanization resistance is very obvious.

4, the colloidal lead-acid battery has a strong recovery ability under harsh discharge conditions.

5, the performance of the colloidal lead-acid battery is significantly improved after discharge.

How long is the life of solar colloidal battery?

The life of solar colloidal battery mainly depends on the use of the battery environment and charging conditions.

For the application environment, if the ambient temperature is high, generally speaking, on the basis of 25 degrees, every 10 degrees of increase, the life will be reduced by half. Regarding charging conditions, if often insufficient charging, charging less than discharge, then it will soon be broken down. The charging capacity of a single cycle should be 1.2 times the discharge capacity and discharge depth, such as 30% of the actual capacity of each discharge battery, it can be recycled more than 1500 times, about 4 years, but if it is 80% each time, it will be more than a year, if it is 100%, it will be about 1 year.