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OPzV solid-state lead-acid batteries in energy storage applications

OPzV tubular gel (solid state) battery is a new battery technology based on the traditional lead-acid battery, through technical research and development and countless practice improvements.

OPzV uses fumed nano-silica as the electrolyte to replace the sulfuric acid electrolyte of traditional lead-acid batteries, forming a colloidal medium and then curing.

It not only ensures excellent electrical conductivity, but also completely eliminates the leakage and volatilization of the electrolyte, thereby extending the service life of the battery and reducing maintenance costs.

Ruida Power OPzV batteries are designed and manufactured according to DIN standards, using a die-cast positive plate grid and a patented formulation of active materials.

The OPzV series exceeds the DIN standard value and has a floating design life of 20 to 25 years at 25 ° C, which is more suitable for recycling under extreme working conditions.

The following are the advantages of OPzV solid-state lead-acid batteries

1. Safety:

Nano-fumed silica solid electrolyte, 100% solid;

2. Material safety:

Positive and negative electrode, diaphragm, electrolyte and other materials are fireproof and explosion-proof;

3, EMS intelligent control management:

Ensure that the temperature rise of the battery does not exceed 40 ° C without thermal runaway.

4. Environmental protection and Recycling:

No waste water, waste gas, waste residue, etc. are discharged in the manufacturing process;

Used batteries can be recycled 100%.

5, high efficiency, good profitability:

Low power cost, design life of up to 25 years;

The charge and discharge efficiency is greater than 94%.

6. Multi-layer structure:

It can be stacked in multiple layers, and the energy storage density per unit area is 100% higher than other batteries.

7. Wide range of applications:

Wind energy, solar energy storage, power grid peak-frequency regulation, virtual power plant, peak-valley price difference and power security;

Rural energy security, charging pile + energy storage, UPS+ energy storage, thermal power plant + energy storage, pumped storage + solid state energy storage, etc.