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Gel Batteries and Conventional Lead-acid Batteries

Traditional lead-acid batteries use the sulfuric acid liquid as electricity. As we all know, the plate sulfation of lead-acid batteries is an old technical problem.

In the process of production, use, and disposal, degradation, Lead-acid batteries cause harmful pollution to the natural environment, which has become the cause of the development of this product’s fatal injury.

Gel batteries belong to another category of lead-acid batteries. In these batteries, a gelling agent of sulfuric acid is added to the sulfuric acid electrolyte and becomes colloidal. It is an easy way to colloidal lead acid batteries. A battery in which the electro-hydraulic is in a colloidal state is usually called a gel battery.

In a broad sense, the difference between gel batteries and conventional lead-acid batteries is not only that the electro-hydraulic is changed to gel.

The difference between gel batteries and conventional lead-acid batteries can briefly state from 3 aspects, firstly,  the initial understanding of electrolyte gelation; Secondly, the basis of electrolytes research on the electrochemical characteristics of the structure in further development, Thirdly, its application and extension in grids and active materials.

The important features of gel battery are as below:

  • Its most important feature is the use of a small
  • industrial cost of manufacturing better batteries with the 150-year-old lead-acid battery industrial path with a flat discharge curve
  • The inflection point is high, and the specific energy, especially the specific power, is more than 20% larger than that of conventional lead-acid batteries
  • Its life span is generally about twice longer as that of conventional lead-acid batteries
  • the high and low-temperature characteristics are much better.

Performance and Characteristics of gel Batteries

Electro-hydraulic gel batteries have a sealed structure, no leakage, no acid mist, and no pollution during charging and discharging. It is an environmentally friendly product that is vigorously promoted and applied by the country. The capacity is increased by 10-20% compared with the lead-acid battery of the same level. It has stable high-temperature characteristics, meeting the use in 65°C or even higher temperature environments. Long cycle life, up to 800-1500 charge and discharge times, and low cost per unit capacity. It’s durable for storage and has good over-discharge recovery performance.

VELA GEL batteries are divided into PVC GEL and AGM GEL. PVC GEL is also called PURE GEL.

Generally speaking, AGM GEL has a comparative advantage in using lead-acid batteries in the market because of its simple production process and low cost, it has been rapidly promoted and applied.

As for PVC GEL, due to the convenient transportation, it is safe to use and has a longer service life, it is also favored by buyers who pursue high quality.

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