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Application of lead-acid battery in light tower

The Light Tower is a tall structure with one or more high-intensity electric bulbs and a mast. Because it is easy to see between ships and planes, lighting equipment is installed at the top of the tower and serves as a beacon for navigational help.

It aids in detecting boats or planes at night and avoiding mishaps along the rafting path. It holds a key position in the transportation industry. They are specifically designed to notify mariners of dangerous shallows and rocky shores and assist vessels in securely entering and exiting ports.

The early light towers used kerosene for lighting, but they needed to be refilled regularly and were easily affected by windy weather, and the kerosene lamps were weak on foggy days. But as the technology progressed over time, with the introduction of electricity, light towers were gradually transformed to use electricity as an energy source.

Most ship light towers  use wires to transmit electricity. However, airports’ runways and terminals are flexible, so portable lighthouses are the best option. Since it is mobile, it must be powered by batteries.

Advantages of using lead acid batteries in a light tower:

There are more than enough reasons to choose lead acid batteries over other batteries. A few are listed hereunder:

  1. Lead-acid batteries have become the first choice for most lighthouses because of their

low price and safe discharge.

  1. The self-discharge isone of the lowest of rechargeable battery systems.
  2. Mature, reliable, and well-understood technology – lead acidbattery is durable and provides dependable service when used correctly.

Why choose VELA for buying batteries for the light tower ?

The lead-acid battery produced by VELA adopts advanced automatic production technology, no maintenance, no need to add water and liquid, high reliability, and long service life. It has the following advantages:

  1. Long, heavy, high-volume specific energy
  2. Low internal resistance
  3. large output power
  4. Small self-discharge
  5. Wide operating temperature range
  6. Full of power
  7. Safe transportation, and can be used in any direction.

Thus,It has become one of your preferred solutions. It is recommended that you choose VELA

brand batteries. In addition to light towers, they are also widely used in communication

equipment, electronic instruments, alarm security systems, emergency lighting, cable television, and uninterruptible power supplies.

The bottom line:

VELA was established in 1993 and focuses on the development of lead-acid batteries. Contact us if you want to buy lead acid batteries at wholesale prices. You can visit us, or if you reside outside of China, you can contact us through our official website.