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How to Extend Service Life of Vehicle Battery

Nowadays Electric automotive vehicles is the first choice for people to travel. With the popularization of electric vehicles, all kinds of electric vehicles can be seen everywhere on the street. When you buy a car, they will tell you that the battery life is very long. But you should know that the battery life of electric vehicles is limited. In many cases, within one or two years, the batteries will be scrapped, making people sad. So how can the battery life of electric vehicles be extended? What are the skills? Today I will share some in this essay. I hope it is helpful for you.  What are the major factors to extend the life of vehicle battery? 1. The ambient temperature of the battery. Too high and too low temperature will affect the battery life. 2. The method of battery charging and discharging . High-current charging and discharging will reduce the service life of the battery. 3. The status of battery charging. overcharge and over-discharge will affect battery life. In addition, the consistency of the cells after the battery is assembled and the difference in the working environment will also have a certain impact on the life of the vehicle power battery. According to these 3 factors, we have found that 3 useful maintenance methods on vehicle battery .They are maintenance while charging, maintenance while installing and maintenance while driving. 1.maintenance while charging When charging the battery, you must pay attention to the time. Don’t charge the battery for two days. It will not increase the capacity and only make the battery useless. Don’t unplug it after charging for a while. Occasionally, it may works, but with many times, It will reduce the capacity of your battery, so it is best to charge it after discharging for about eight hours to ensure its normal use cycle. In addition, please try to ensure that the charging times is not too many. Anyone who knows a little about electric vehicle batteries should know that the more times the battery is charged, the shorter the service life. The average number of charging times for a battery is about 300 times, which is about two years. If you charge frequently, , it will be used up soon, naturally it only takes less than two years. 2.maintenance while installing When installing the battery on an electric vehicle, be sure to hold it carefully. Don’t bump it, and don’t put it in a wrong position, otherwise the battery will be greatly shaken during driving, which will damage the battery. Worse still, many people get used to putting the battery charger in the car basket so that it can be charged at any time when it has no power.This is wrong and will bring fast charging damages. It is best to charge it for eight hours at night to ensure that the battery is sufficient. 3.maintenance while driving. (1). less sudden braking. Frequent sudden braking will waste a lot of electricity, and it is said that it will also damage the battery, so it is best to brake less frequently. Keep a constant speed during driving which means you cannot ride too fast, It is common that you can’t ride the electric bike at the speed of the motorcycle. That will not only cause great damage to the battery, but also great damage to the electric vehicle itself. (2) Charge when capacity is less than 50% 30% is the lowest bottom line, and 50% is just the right bottom line. In the process of using the car, if the battery is less than 50%, it is best to charge it immediately instead of waiting until it is used up. This usually lead to over-discharge, which will damage the battery and reduce battery life. The last but also important, the way to extend the service life of the battery,with the exception of paying attention to maintenance while charging ,installing and driving , there is also a good way to choose a good brand of electric vehicle battery, such as VELA battery,mainly specializes in maintenance free battery exports. VELA battery is actually one of the best electric vehicle batteries at present. The 1-year quality warranty of VELA battery is well known to be the first-class electric vehicle battery in the electric vehicle battery industry and we have got a good reputation among users. This is the end of today’s introduction. The content aboved are the tips for extending service Life of vehicle battery. For more knowledge please check on our official website