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How To Maintain The Forklift Battery in Daily Use?

The secret to keeping the forklift battery in good condition is that you must do the maintenance work on time. If you want to use the forklift battery for a long time, we must pay attention to every detail of use and maintenance. In fact, maintaining forklift batteries is a very simple matter. The following are some suggestions for maintenance:

Daily Inspection Items:

1. Check The Electrolyte Level Every Three Months:

It is recommended that you check the electrolyte levels in a battery every three months. A battery should be topped up if it is below the minimum level, as this will reduce its life expectancy. If the battery electrolyte falls below the minimum level, the battery won’t perform well. And you can damage your battery if you let it overheat. So it’s important to check that your battery is always filled with enough electrolytes.

2. Check Terminal, Wire, and, Cover:

When using a forklift battery, check the wires for cracks or breaks and the caps for corrosion. Check the terminal connections to see if there is any corrosion at the juncture of the connecting line post and the wire. You should also check to see if the cover is damaged or deformed. If there’s a problem, you should go to see an expert as soon as possible.

3. Clean Regularly:

Day-to-day forklift battery maintenance requires that you keep your forklift battery clean. If there is any dust, dirt, or other foreign matter on the battery, it can easily cause a short circuit and reduce the battery’s life span, which will in turn affect your work. The only way to effectively extend the battery’s life span is through regular inspection and cleaning. You’ll need to pay attention to wiping the exposed forklift batteries of any excess electrolyte to prevent any leakage and secure the vent holes in the liquid filler plug with a clean cloth or rubber stopper. Always make sure to remove any dirt or dust that accumulates on top of the battery as this may increase battery stress, affect safe working conditions and eventually shorten the service life of your equipment.