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Maintenance Knowledge of Motorcycle Battery

Nowadays, with the continuous improvement of people’s economic level, people will choose comfortable cars to travel. Although the car has brought great convenience to our lives, it also makes our travel more autonomous. However, as the number of cars continues to increase, traffic jams are becoming more and more serious, especially during the morning and evening peak hours, which are basically stuck in the traffic jam. Therefore, many cities that have not yet banned motorcycles, and they will choose light and fast motorcycles to go out, in this way there is no need to worry about the risk of traffic jams. Although motorcycles are the first choice for many people to travel, they don’t know anything about the maintenance of motorcycles, and they don’t know how to deal with them if they scant start at a regular basis. Motorcycles also need electricity to drive, so we How should we maintain our batteries? Today we will take a look at the common sense of battery maintenance. And the repair master remind that if you don’t focus on maintenance, you will do a lot of repair work in the future. 1. How to maintain the motorcycle battery in daily life. When driving, you should check the height of the electrolyte level from time to time in order to keep it within a specified range. If the electrolyte splashes out, it will cause the level to drop, and then you need to add some electrolyte. If the liquid level drops due to distilled water, you also need to add distilled water at this time, and in general, you need to add distilled water. It should also be noted that the filling plug must be recapped after filling. And the surface of the battery should be kept clean to prevent some sundries from entering the battery, causing short circuit or self-discharge. The battery should be maintained to avoid rupture. If there is leakage of electrolyte, it should be cleaned up in time to avoid corrosion of surrounding parts. 2. How to store the motorcycle battery. There are two ways to store batteries, one is wet storage and the other is dry storage. Wet storage is suitable for some batteries that are not in use temporarily. The battery should be fully charged when stored, and the vents should be sealed and placed in a dark place indoors, preferably not more than 6 months. Dry storage is suitable for fixed open type batteries. Because motorcycle batteries are generally closed, it is generally not suitable for storage in this way. 3. How to use the motorcycle battery safely. ①Explosive gas will be generated when the battery is used and charged, so it is strictly forbidden to approach the open flame or high temperature. Also avoid short-circuiting of the positive and negative electrodes and loosening of the positive and negative terminals. ②The electrolyte contains strong acid, so prevent it from splashing on the skin, eyes and clothes. Once being touched,please immediately wash with plenty of water. In case of accidental intake,  please drink plenty of water or milk immediately and send to hospital for treatment. ③The installation of additional electrical accessories such as anti-theft devices will have a certain impact on the battery. It is recommended to use the anti-theft alarm recommended by the manufacturer. The use of other anti-theft alarms may cause the circuit system to work abnormally, and even damage the battery, igniter, stabilized rectifier and other related electrical components. Regarding motorcycle batteries, Compared to most motorcycle manufacturers,our company has provided best motorcycle batteries for customers from all over the world, which has been well praised by customers.We divide the motorcycle batteries into wet charged MF charged battery, Dry charged MF battery, conventional dry charged battery and GEL battery according to the battery type. The customers can choose the one they need. Our batteries is the best choice for motorcycles, utility vehicles, scooters, ATVs, ride-on mowers, personal watercraft and snowmobiles. In order to meet the needs of different countries and regions, we constantly improve the process and adopt the most advanced technology. It has the highest cold start ampere (CCA) enables the engine to start even in extreme weather conditions.