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Automotive batteries

With 15 years production experience, our batteries is adopted high quality pure lead and advanced technology to produce. Their quality attracts a large amount of customers from all over the world. Auto battery is our major products. We sell start-stop AGM battery and starting battery.  Start-stop battery is used for the car which is start-stop system. It is very popular in Europe and America. According to the type of starting car battery, we usually divide car battery into maintenance free battery(MF) and Dry charged battery. The maintenance free battery is with acid and the user needn’t add the electrolyte before using. Dry charged battery can save the shipping cost because it is not acid. We have two series starting car battery. One is DIN series, which is used for European automobile. The others JIS series, which is used for Japanese cars. The customers can decide the car battery on the basis of their own need.