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What Are The Features Of OPzS And OPzV Batteries?

In this brief article, we will briefly introduce and define the features of OPzS as well as OPzV batteries. Read on to learn what these are:

OPzS Battery:

Ortsfest (stationary) PanZerplatte (tubular plates) Flussig (flooded) aka OPzS battery, is the flooded battery with the tubular plate. For better care, it is important to maintain and keep enough electrolytes for the battery to discharge.

There is an acid-proof bolt. It is of a special shape of a funnel having the function of filtering acid smog, and is helpful in retarding fire. It can measure the density as well as the temperature of the electrolyte. Its cycle life is the longest in valve-regulated lead acid batteries. The service life can last up to eighteen years at 20 degrees Celsius. The performance of the battery meets the standard DIN40736 as well as IEC 60896-21.

It is generally used for telecommunication equipment, electronic equipment, fire alarm, and security devices, UPS power supply, wind power system, etc. Some features of the battery are listed below:

  1. The grid of the positive plate is Pb-Sb multi-alloy.
  2. With the combined application of porous rubber and porous PVC, the separator has a high porosity and good corrosion-resistance
  3. The battery can last up to 20 years

OPzV Battery:

OPzV battery aka Ortsfest Panzerplatte Verschlossen battery, is a gel battery with a tubular plate. There is a gel electrolyte in the battery.  Because of the presence of gel electrolyte, the batteries are leak-proof. The cycle life of such batteries is 3 times longer than that of ordinary batteries. It can meet the requirements for deep cycles.

The PVC-Sio2 separator present in the battery has high-volume porosity, low electrical resistance, and excellent wettability.

It is very easy for the user to use this kind of battery because it is considered a 100 percent maintenance-free battery.

Just like OPzS batteries, OPzV batteries are used for solar power systems, wind power systems, uninterruptible power supplies, fire alarms, etc.…

Some unique features of the battery are listed below:

  1. Low self-discharge rate
  2. No gradation of sulfuric acid

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