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What is OPzV battery ?

1.What does OPzV battery stand for? OPzV stands for Ortsfest (stationary) PanZerplatte (tubular plate) Verschlossen (closed). The meanings of the three words are fixed type, tubular plate, and closed. In combination, it refers to the 2V series battery in which the positive plate produced by the German standard is tubular, the negative plate is grid paste, and the electrolyte is a colloidal electrolyte.VELA OPzV batteries use tubular gel, where silica dust is added to the electrolyte to form a thick putty-like gel. These are sometimes referred to as “silicone batteries”. OPzV batteries offer the highest cycle life among all other lead-acid batteries, with significant savings on the cost per cycle. They are maintenance-free and have robust construction, providing the highest level of reliability and performance. OPzV batteries have superior deep discharge durability and excellent recharging properties. They are the best choice of batteries for industrial projects, even in remote installations with minimal supervision. In some regions of the world, where electricity is unstable, high capacity backup power is required. 2.What is the structure of OPzV? (1)Electrolyte: Immobilized in a GEL structure comprises Germany classic quality fumed SIO2 full packed battery interior space(under the strap). (2)Positive Electrode:Tubular positive plates made by die-casting technical and use patent Pb-Ca alloy with highly porous gauntlets that retain the active material, efficiently prevent active material shedding, good corrosiveness resistance, offer an extreme high cyclic expectancy and with long design life more than 20 years. (3)Negative Electrode:Formed pasted plate in radial porous gauntlets structure makes high uillzation of active material and incorporating a special Pb-Ca grid alloy make advantage performance in high current discharge & lower internal resistance. (4)Separators : Adopt micro-porous & lower internal resistance PVC-SIO2 separators import from Euro. (5)Polar: The Polar consists of Copper-insert M8 terminal with a very low resistance which both mechanize sealed and epoxy resin sealed, this sealing structure have good performance of sealing and longer service life. (6)Container: The battery container is made of high strength ABS. Container and lid are sealed together by epoxy resin . (7)Safety Valve: High sensitivity safety valve, stable performance in flip-top vent plugs press, cooperated with flame arester make battery more safe and high recombination efficiency. 3.What are the advantages of OPzV ?Why it has been widely used? OPzV series design adopts colloidal electrolyte and tubular positive plate, so It has the advantages of valve-controlled battery (maintenance-free) and open battery (floating charge/cycle life), etc. It is especially suitable for using with a backup time of 1 to 20 hours. Because it is not restricted by the use of environment or maintenance conditions, the OPzV series is suitable for environments with large temperature differences and unstable power grids, or for renewable energy storage systems that are in an electric state for a long time. Besides, It has Very good performance in small current discharge and deep discharge recovery, which it is much suitable for PSOC enviroments. And more important, compared to AGM battery, It has Lowest self discharge characteristic and high reliability. VELA tubular gel OPzV batteries offer high capacity reserve power and true deep cycling performance. With a design life of 20 years and a maintenance-free operation, OPzV batteries are perfect for regions with an unstable supply of electricity. VELA OPzV batteries are also completely spill-proof, which makes them safe to install anywhere, even in remote environments with minimal supervision. OPzV batteries are also available in a front terminal design upon request. 4.What are the applications of OPzV ? Many people may not understand the application of  OPZV battery. In fact, because of many advantages of it, it is widely used in all walks of life. (1)Because OPzV battery can achieve large capacity, it plays a vital role in solar energy, wind energy, and backup power supply/UPS(Uninterruptible Power Supplier). The large capacity can meet the requirements of long-term power supply. (2)OPzV battery, the positive plate uses tube-shaped plates, which can achieve long life. OPZV battery is the most suitable choice in the case of telecommunication equipment and electric instruments under the requirement of the long-term usage. (3) OPzV battery, due to the use of colloidal electrolyte and tubular plate, the battery has a high reliability. So in the requirements of high reliable environment,such as 5G network equipment, Electric Vehicle,Floor Machines,Marine,Touring Coach,Security/Emergency lighting. this type of battery is a unique choice.