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What is UPS Battery?

1.What is UPS battery?  The backup battery is also called uninterruptible power supply or UPS. When the main power supply is cut off due to some uncontrollable reason, it can also provide continuous power for electronic equipment. A backup battery is just one of several solutions that can be used to keep the system running even if the system cannot be used for a period of time. The business usually includes this kind of backup and other solutions to keep computers and other necessary systems running, even in the event of a power outage or certain natural disasters, to cut off the main power source, and the time varies from a few minutes to a few days. In the early days, people used small generators as a backup power source. However, small generators need to be started manually, unable to supply power in time, and gradually replaced by backup battery systems. 2.How do UPS batteries work? When the city’s power supply input is normal, the UPS will stabilize the electricity and supply it to the load. At this time, the UPS is an AC-type voltage regulator, and it also charges the battery in the machine; when the city’s power supply is interrupted (accidental power failure) , UPS immediately uses the DC power of the battery to continuously supply 110V (or 220V) AC power to the load through inverter switching, so that the load can maintain normal operation and protect the load software and hardware from damage. UPS equipment usually provides protection against over-voltage or under-voltage. 3.The application of UPS batteries. The application of UPS batteries is very regular in life, no matter in public or as private. Some companies buy them to maintain power to store power or in the event of disasters. Also, they can be used at homes, such as solar energy storage, golf cart, computers toys and so on. 3.1.The application of UPS batteries at companies. Companies can be equipped with backup batteries to maintain power in the event of natural disasters. It can reduce losses during power outages, prevent data from being destroyed, and even continue to create revenue during power outages. Therefore, today, more and more companies choose to configure uninterrupted power supply systems. Like all types of emergency power supplies, the backup battery can be switched to the backup power source immediately when the main power supply fails. Nowadays, it is common for UPS to connect to computer workstations, servers and even telecommunication equipment libraries. When the current is interrupted, the backup battery is automatically activated, powering the power source through some type of surge protector, and allowing the connected equipment to continue to operate. Usually, there will be almost no downtime in this situation or even no downtime at all. 3.2.The application of UPS batteries for home. Although the idea of a backup battery used to be more relevant to corporate settings, the use of this type of equipment at home has become more and more common. Home UPS devices are usually small in size, but they are as powerful as many large commercial models of the past few years. Household backup batteries can be used to power essential equipment, maintain normal operation of medical equipment, and power desktop computers during power outages. Over the years, the cost of reliable battery backup equipment has been significantly reduced, which makes this type of support equipment available for businesses and homes of all sizes. 4.VELA high-quality UPS battery. The backup battery needs to be in a standby state all the time, and the battery is always being charged, so the requirements for the battery are higher. At the same time, the equipment using the backup power system is a more important electrical appliance, and the need for stability is greater, and the battery is stable. Discharge needs to be based on excellent production technology and sufficient production experience. VELA UPS battery uses a special lead-calcium alloy, and at the same time uses a high-strength ABS plastic shell or a flame-retardant ABS plastic shell and special sealing technology, so that the battery’s design life can reach 12 years. It is a better choice to accompany your company’s development and growth.