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Why AGM battery is the best for start stop technology?

An Absorbent Glass Mat, aka AGM battery, is a unique type of battery that can be the most effective option if you are considering upgrading a vehicle battery. Such batteries are an ideal option for vehicles that are equipped with start-stop technology.  AGM battery is an advanced battery with an enhanced starter function and is preferred for higher credibility and extended automobile battery life.

It is the technology of superior choice for automobiles having start-stop engines. The reason behind this can be greater charge acceptance as well as great cycling life aside from the capacity to run at a low state of charge. The premium type of AGM batteries recombines the gasses, which are produced internally, back into liquid. This type of recombination makes the absorbent glass mat battery maintenance-free batteries. Simply plug install the batteries, and no need to take care of maintain them.

AGM batteries are a superior type of battery and can entertain you with numerous benefits. Some benefits are listed below:


  • Helpin providing high power and low internal resistance
  • Due to acid absorption in matting technology, they are considered spill-proof
  • Possesshigher cycle life than flooded batteries
  • Vibration resistance due to its sandwich-like construction
  • Good cold resistance and heat resistance)

Thus,AGM start-stop battery is the best for start-stop technology because they are capable of providing high current rates according to the requirements. Also, AGM batteries offer a very low internal resistance. The batteries offer a depth of discharge of 80 percent.

From where you can buy AGM batteries at an affordable price?

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