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Features of AGM Batteries

When we talk about batteries, lead-acid batteries are one of the most common types you can use. But have you ever heard about AGM batteries?. AGM type battery is a battery that was invented earlier and is widely used. It is a valve-regulated sealed lead-acid battery (also known as VRLA battery) using a glass fiber separator (AGM), represented by some Japanese battery companies. This kind of battery belongs to a kind of VRLA battery.

AGM Battery:

The AGM batteries use different plates per cell, separated by glass fiber mats. The plates are typically made from lead, with a lead-oxide paste coating applied. Additional materials may be added to the paste to improve performance. The battery case is usually made of ABS, which makes it easy to transport because the case is very strong but also light in weight. The main advantage of AGM batteries is their superior high-current discharge characteristics and long service life. No need to add water during use. Currently widely used in telecommunications equipment, emergency lighting systems, security alarm systems, solar power generation systems, computers, and other fields. This battery offers users a number of benefits, which are described below.
  • Higher capacitance stability throughout the life cycle
  • Low-temperature performance is more reliable
  • Reduce the risk of accidents and reduce the risk of environmental pollution (due to the 100% sealed package of the acid solution)
  • The cycle charging capacity is 3 times higher than that of lead-calcium batteries, with longer service life
  • Protection is very simple, reducing deep discharge.
  • The main advantage of this battery is that it comes with a leak-proof design, and it can be installed in any position.


AGM batteries are one of the most popular batteries in the world. It is used for various purposes and applications. This type of battery is considered a very reliable product compared to other battery types.