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New energy vehicle power battery recycling platform was officially launched in China

The comprehensive management platform for the national monitoring of new energy vehicles and the traceability of power battery recycling was launched in Beijing. This is the key to implementation of traceability management of new energy vehicle power battery and is of great significance to the effective promotion of battery recycling.   Our country is the world’s largest producer and consumer of power batteries for new energy vehicles. At present, my country’s cumulative production of new energy vehicles has exceeded 2.1 million. It is estimated that after 2020, the power battery will gradually enter a large-scale retirement period. If retired batteries are improperly disposed of and discarded at will, it will not only cause a waste of resources but also bring environmental impact and safety hazards to the society.   “Implementing full life cycle traceability management is an important measure to promote the recycling and utilization of power batteries.” Xin Guobin, deputy minister of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, said at the launch ceremony. Through functions of information collection and management, We can track the ins and outs of the battery, control the nodes, and hold the relevant personnel accountable, so as to effectively supervise the implementation of the recycling responsibility of the responsible parties。   Ministry of Industry and Information Technology also issued and implemented the “Interim Regulations on the Traceability Management of the Recycling and Utilization of Power Batteries for New Energy Vehicles” to guarantee the operation of the platform.