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What is the difference between a normal lead-acid car battery and solar battery

While car and solar batteries are quite different, understanding the distinction between the two can help homeowners understand the details of solar batteries.All batteries have a chemical reaction, which creates an electric current used to power devices. How the electrical current is formed and stored makes much effect on the amount of electricity that the battery can produce.

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The Knowledge of the Solar Battery

The solar battery is a device that converts light power into electrical power. Generally used in photovoltaic power stations and places where power is inconvenient; for example: solar street lights, courtyard lighting, solar signal lights, outdoor weather monitoring, geological monitoring, reservoir and water conservancy monitoring, small base stations, etc.

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Daily maintenance of UPS battery

UPS is widely used in a maintenance-free sealed lead-acid battery. Its price is more expensive, accounting for about 1/3-1/2 of the total cost of UPS. ecessary maintenance of the UPS battery pack is the key to prolonging the service life of the UPS.

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VELA dry car battery VS other dry batteries

The dry battery is the most common type of battery on the market. they’re made up of a fiberglass mat that contains electrolytes. The electrolytes cause a chemical reaction that produces electricity. Absorbed glass mat (AGM) car batteries are referred to as dry cell batteries because fluid cannot escape.

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How much battery electricity left needs to be recharged

When you buy a new electric motorcycle or car for the first time, please take some time to fully charge its battery, which can be used for up to 12 hours. Such a long initial charge ensures that current flows through all batteries and helps to adjust the batteries out of the box.

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What is Valve Regulated Lead Acid Battery?

A valve regulated lead–acid (VRLA) battery,which is a type of rechargeable battery commonly known as a sealed lead–acid (SLA) battery,or maintenance-free batteries.VRLA battery is the most popular reserve power design because the electrolyte is captive, preventing it from spilling even when the case is punctured.

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What is difference between OPzV and OPzS battery?

OPzV and OPzS batteries are very popular stationary batteries, developed at the end of 2005. OPzV and OPzS batteries are high-end products, specially developed for applications that require frequent deep cycling. This is an energy-saving solution for energy storage. Even in remote installations that require long-term discharge and excellent charging performance, it can provide significant advantages in terms of single-cycle cost, the highest level of reliability and performance.

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Are gel batteries good for motorcycle?

GEL battery,The basic ingredient is gel which made of sulfuric acid, water and silica.Gel batteries are one of the most popular types of batteries that are used in the motorcycle.when you purchase motorcycle battery, the basic knowledge you should know is about the type.

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Reasonable use of car battery will increase its life

As we all know, car parts should need to be replaced frequently, in addition to the common ones such as oil, brake pads, and wipers, car batteries are also one of them. But unlike them, the car battery does not have an accurate limit, which is different from other car parts that should be replaced from by every few kilometers or few years , because its service life is changed according to your usage habits or good usage habits.

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Punching net technology VS traditional casting technology

At present, when manufacturing battery plates, there are usually two ways, one is to use a casting machine for casting, and the other is to use a punch to punch the lead plate.casting technology is mostly used in many factories to make battery plates compared to punching technology.

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Q1.What’s the minimum order quantity?

A:Our MOQ is 200pieces per model for car batteries,and 1000pieces per model for motorcycle batteries.Other batteries’ are negotiable.

Q3: How to maintain the battery?

A:The battery should be stored in clean, dry, ventilated, dark environment when not using, keep it after full charge, recharge it more than 6 months.

Q5: What is your term of payment ?

A:We can accept L/C,T/T,D/P ect.

Q2: Can you print my logo on the battery cover?

A: Yes, OEM is available,we can print your logo on the battery case, and you can offer your logo.

Q4: If a battery fails, what will be the indications?

A: 1.Lower performance 2.Low voltage 3.Cannot charge/recharge 4.Swelled container 5.Acid corrosion

Q6:Can you provide battery sample?

A:Yes. We can provide sample abttery. However, customers need to pay the sample fee. After the customer places the order formally, we will deduct the sample fee.